ReCompose Studio


We LOVE photoshoots.. It’s a large part of the reason we created the studio(who would have thought?!). We’ve been doing it for ages, and over the years have been very lucky to take photos of some remarkable people.. It would be great to add you to that list! Don’t have any ideas? No problem, we come with bucketloads. Not comfortable doing your own makeup? We can get one of our associate MUAs in to help!

In terms of portfolio – at the moment while this site is still in development it’s best to look at our previous website and our studio Instagram for an example of what we like to produce. Expect a studio-specific portrait section on here soon.

Check our prices below – or just use our contact form for a more precise quote if you have specific requirements.

These shoots are for one or two people.
1/2 Hour Headshot session
Simple headshots
1 Hour Individual Shoot
Ideal for most scenarios
2 Hour Individual Shoot
For those who want a little more..
3+ Hour Individual Shoot
For complex set builds or multiple style changes