ReCompose Studio
About us

About us

So who are we? Good question! ReCompose Studio is run by the two people behind ReCompose, who couldn’t think of anything more imaginative to call their studio.. We have been covering festivals, events and weddings for almost 10 years now, running a successful media business based in Scotland, getting up to adventures all over the world. When covid hit, we turned our sights to a more physical space, and formed the studio in an effort to keep the creative spark alive in a time where being reliant on events was impossible. Now that things are hopefully on the way up again, we hope to start making the most of this beautiful little space.

In saying that, we do also still cover events. So if you need photos or video of any special occasions – let us know! If you want to check out our festivals and wedding coverage then check our our old site here

Our initial intentions didn’t extend much further than a photo studio, but very quickly we realised that we weren’t the only people with great ideas for the space – and have since hosted a ton of amazing events, workshops, exhibitions, markets and more.. We’ve built a beautiful little community of artists, creatives, musicians and just general legends – and feel honoured to be able to bring peoples’ ideas to life.

The Location

We are located on the corner of Kamenická and Kostelní in the beautiful district of Letná in Prague. Don’t know where that is? Here’s a map:

Yup, right beside the best park in town with all the postcard views of the city. A perfect place for dreamy photoshoots!

The Space

Our main studio is a 72 square meter room with a beautiful wooden floor, reasonable natural light, and recessed alcove. In the main area we have a 3.65m white, black and grey paper backdrops on a motorised mount for easy swaps, in the alcove is a 3-roll 2.75m backdrop holder for our coloured rolls.

Studio Map

The layout of the rest of the studio changes quite often(we like things on wheels), but for the most part looks a bit like this: